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Provincial Parliament of Lower Canada Legislative Council –Aug 1.

This day at two o’clock, his Excellency the Governor in Chief went in the usual state to the Legislative Council Chamber, and being seated on the Throne, the Gentlemen Usher of the Black Rod was sent to command the presence of the Assembly, which being come up, the Honourable Speaker of the Assembly said–

“May it please your Excellency,

“His Majesty’s faithful subjects, the representatives of the province of Lower Canada, have passed a bill, intituled, “An Act of facilitate the Circulation of Army Bills.” Their loyalty, and the happiness of this province in being connected with, and powerfully protected by the British nation, are the basis of their constitution, and the just grounds which gave rise to the formation of the militia, and the firm determination to defend this country against the unexpected and unjust war that the United States have lately declared ; they are, therefore, under the greatest obligation to your Excellency for having communicated to them your wise precautions, on the means to ameliorate and insure for several years, the punctual payment of the army, by circulating bills, the reimbursement of which is guaranteed in England. To give them greater credit, the bill limits the sums necessary, and, moreover, provides for the interest, the advantages accruing therefrom, and even for the payment of the principal in specie in this province, which has become expressly bound for the same at a fixed period, to any person whatever, who, from the state of his private affairs, would prefer such payment.

“In full confidence that, under the present and any unforeseen circumstance, your Excellency is invested with all necessary authority, the representatives of the province and their constituents rely on the wisdom already experienced of your administration, and in the name of the Commons of Lower Canada, I have the honour to present this bill to your Excellency, humbly requesting thereto his Majesty’s assent.”

His Excellency was pleased to signify the Royal assent.

His Excellency then addressed both Houses, and the Provincial Parliament was prorogued to the 16th of September.

Citation: Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 03 October 1812, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,