Canada Papers.

Montreal, Oct. 5. On the afternoon of Saturday last, the specie seized on board the Lake Champlain steam-boat, amounting to upward of 12,000 dollars, arrived at his Majesty’s cash-office here, under the escort of the 19th light dragoons from St John’s.

At length we have authentic accounts relating to the expedition of Lord Selkirk ; they are very important, as many ex parte details have been published – his taking Fort William by storm, making all the partners of the North West Company prisoners, &c. ; but the cause of the expe dition has never been explained. The Canadian Courant puts it in a very clear point of view:– Mr Robert Semple, the Governor-General The Hudson’s Bay Company on the Red River, towards the close of the year 1815, took possession of two establishments belonging to the North West Company, which had obtruded themselves on the territory of the Hudson’s Bay Company. The North West traders then altered their route, going into the Upper Country by circuitous ways, by which much delay took place ; and in order to try Mr Semple, they sent two cartloads of provisions by the former track in June last, with a guard of fifty men ; the advance, twenty-two of the number, fell in with one of the natives, whom they took forward with them to prevent discovery. The rear-guard passed within four miles of the settlement ; they were perceived by the Governor, and were attacked by a party from the garrison, consisting of about thirty soldiers ; an engagement took place, stated on the 19th of June. Mr Semple and 21 of his men were killed ; the rest of his forces returned defeated to the fort ; it is on this account that the expedition of Lord Selkirk was undertaken. The manner of Lord Selkirk’s conducting the expedition we do not justify, nor indeed can we form any opinion on the subject without further authentic details ; it is, however, but justice to say, that the Hudson’s Bay Company have rights, and are a chartered Company ; the North West Traders, though we believe a most respectable body, are only an Association of Merchants.

Citation: Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 21 November 1816, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,