New colony in Lower Canada

The following curious notice is extracted from a Quebec paper:–

Interesting to thousands! – Colony of Brotherly Union.

“It is in agitation to found a colony upon the ancient Spartan plan, sanctioned by apostolical usage, of living a common, and enjoying a community of goods. In this establishment, as each will labour for all, and all for each, personal property will be unknown – and all Just of priate gain, engendered by an imperfect organization of society, will be sacrificed at the shrine of public felicity

“To carry this project into execution, a fertile tract of land, consisting of some thousands of acres, is on the point of being purchased and surveyed

“Husbandmen and artisans of every sort are invited to this colonization. We tender the right hand of fellowship to the honest and industrious of every description of people, whatever be their religious of political faith.

“Want of funds will not furnish a reason for excluding any colonist ; and, on the other hand, it will be a fundamental law of this establishment, that whatever property may be, by adventurers, put into the common stock, will be considered as a loan, and refunded to them r their assignees on demand.

“The colony will be situated within the bounds of Lower Canada, and under the protection and control of his Majesty’s Government.

“All persons who are willing to embark in this enterprise are requested to address themselves to the subscribers, personally or by letter. They will specify their country, age, profession, number of children (if married) , propery, &c.

“No letter will be received by from principals, nor unless post paid – Every letter to bear on its superscription the words, ‘ Colony of Brotherly Union.’

“s soon as a sufficient number of applicants shall have inrolled their names, notice will given by public advertisement to convene and digest a code of laws and regulations for the establishment.

” S. Cleveland Blyth

St Contant, Lower Canada, Dec. 3. 1818

“The several gentlemen who conduct the public paers printed in these provinces and the neighbouring states of America are respectfully requested to give the above one insertion pro bono publico.”

Citation: Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 29 March 1819, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,