The brig Henry sailed from Cork on Wednesday se’ennight, with about two hundred passengers for Aux Cayes, to join Sir Gregor M’Gregor, who lately landed on the Spanish Main with a small force. General M’Gregor, it seems, left authority with Colonel Eyre to recruit men for his service, and to ship them as he best could. – There are a number of idle gentlemen about Dublin at present, and also many in the country, who have been captivated with the speculation of embarking in the Patriotic cause, and for some time they have appeared in the streets in fanciful uniforms. We understand that Col. Eyre has formed a Committee, who treat with such young gentlemen as have the inclination to proceed on the enterprise, and have money to pay for such rank as they may wish to possess under M’Gregor. The money thus furnished is made a stock purse to pay the freight of the vessel, and hence it is necessary that the greater part of the adventurers should be officers ; for those who are contented with the humble station of privates are not required to contribute and their passage, subsistence, &c. must be defrayed by the common fund. Mr D’Evereaux, from the county of Wexford, is also raising men for the same service, but under different circumstances. He professes to have authority from General Bolivar to grant commissions, and to ship the men he may raise for head-quarters in Venezuela. Mr D’Evereaux has not yet dispatched any men, and Col. Eyre has certainly shewn more activity in this respect. – Dublin Journal.

Citation: Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 07 May 1819, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,