Colonial Intelligence

Advices have been received again from the Cape of Good Hope of 6th March, which are several days later than those acquired formerly. Of the rising of the Caffres there remains no doubt, although it does not appear that Government have as yet received official information regarding it. The private accounts state that two valuable officers had lost their lives, and also a great number of men. The Governor himself in order by his presence the sooner to suppress the Caffres, had, with a competent force, proceeded to the interior. Great inconvenience was experienced for the want of cavalry in so extensive a country ; had not this been the case, it was believed that in a very few days tranquility would have been restored.

We are sorry to state that another hurricane has taken place in the Isle of France ; it commenced on the 25th January, and has done great mischief to the shipping, and also to the plantations of that ill-fated Island.

A Dutch mail has arrived, with papers to the 19th inst. At Batavia, two of the leaders of the late disturbances have been tried and execute, and that degree of tranquility which terror produces has been restored. In the administration of their colonies in the east, the conduct of the Dutch has always been cruel and oppressive ; and it is to be regretted that the extensive and fertile island of Java should have been surrendered to their rapacity. During the short time that it was in possession of this country, various important improvements were introduced into its domestic administration ; the practise of torture, according to the humane and enlightened maxims of British jurisprudence, was abolished ; new and better modes of collecting the revenue were adopted ; and a spirit of mildness and of regard for the interests of all the various classes of which the population is composed, was evinced, which made the British Government highly popular.

Considerable anxiety prevails among the merchants for the safety of the Queen Charlotte, Jamaica packet. She sailed from Jamaica the 29th March, and had a great quantity of specie on board. No things have since been received of her. Several vessels sailed since her departure, and have arrived safe. The Ocean quitted Jamaica on the 6th of April, and arrived here several days since.

Several passengers landed at Portsmouth on Thursday from Jamaica, bring Port Royal Papers to the 25th of March. The 50th Regiment had arrived at Kingston, from Cork ; and the 2nd West India Regiment was about to embark for Sierra Leone to be disbanded.

Citation: Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, United Kingdom), 02 June 1819, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,