Intended Colony at the Cape of Good Hope.

The following official circular has been [?] from the Colonial Department, in answer[?] to[?] ap-[?] plications for information on the subject[?] referred to:–

“Downing Street ” Sir –In reply to your letter of the [?] [?] by Earl Bathurst to inform you, that as the [?] inctly specifies the nature and extent of the [?] will be granted to individuals who may be [?] as settlers of the Cape of Good Hope [?] tions under which alone that as instance [?} is only necessary to refer you to those [?] that no proposal can be accepted which is not [?] formity with the offer of his Majesty’s Governance.

“With reference to your particular [?] mode in which the views of the settlers may [?] I have to acquaint you, that it is not in Earl Bathurst [?] to communicate to you that species of [?] can most properly be afforded by the practical [?] or obtained upon the spot.

“The settlers will be located in the [?] not far from the coast ; and in allotting to them [?] Government have agreed to grant[?] them [?] their wishes will be consulted, and attended [?] be consistent with the public interests of the [?].

“The settlers will be enabled to purchase [?] [?] of agricultural implements in the [?] although they are not debarred from taking [?] derte supply of these articles as well as [?] will find no difficulty in purchasing seed corn[?] [?].

“The settlers will not find habitations ready [?] ception.

“The person under whose direction a [?] ceed is at liberty to secure their services by [?] ment into which they may think proper [?]

“The new settlement will, of course, be [?] ing to the laws in force in the colony.

“In conclusion, I beg to observe, that it [?] persons taking out settlers to form their [?] the amount of pecaniary[?] means with which [?] be provided, in order to support the [?] their directios, and ensure the success of [?]

“I am, Sir, your most obedient

Citation: Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 16 August 1819, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,