Colonial Intelligence

Letters and papers have been received from Jamaica to the 5 ult. We are sorry to observe, that the letlets from thence state that the island was very unhealthy. The deaths from the fever were[?] very[?] considerable, and were increasing. The garrison had been particularly unhealthy.

The [?]th and 92d regiments have suffered severely by the [?] of the climate and are reduced to mere skeletons. We [?] [?] the [?] of several officers [?] [?] [?] to it ; causing them [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] several others.

A serious dispute exists between the Governor of [?] [?] [?] a general [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

[?] of the [?]. His Lordship has been support-[?] ed by counter meetings of the inhabitants, who complain of the licentiousness of the press of the island.

(From the Port Royal Gazette of the 28th August) “Private letters from Panama state, that Lord Cochran had taken Petit Callao[?], in which port a vessel was at anchor, having on board 100,000 dollars. It was further said that his Lordship has passed Guayaquil oh his way to Chili. Almost a forthnight ago, intelligence reached the Governor of Carthagena, from Santa Fe, that General Bolivar, who had been joined by one of Murillo’s Generals, with a number of troops, was making rapid advances towards Santa Fe with upwards of 5000 men ; and it was expected the next courier would announce[?] the fall of that place. An Aide-deCamp of the Governor of that place arrived at Carthagena at midnight with the above information. Another account states, that the Venezuelian army, under General Bolivar in person, had obtained possession of Santa Fe, and that his advanced guard was at Honda[?] ; he had succeeded in cutting off the retreat of General Samana[?], the Captain-General of Santa Fe ; his Secretary, Ramirez, has arrived at Carthagena with the above intelligence ; it was also added that a part of Bolivar’s army would soon be in Mempaz[?].

There have arrived at the port of Quebec, this present season 9,513 settlers.

A letter from Demerara of the 14th August says that a severe shock of an earthquake had been felt in that colony for the first time since the memory of man[?]. It occurred on the 12th. and continued for 30 second[?].

“Madras, April 14. “The gratifying intelligence of the fall of Asserghur reached the Presidency yesterday. We wait with impatience for the official details.

“Madras, April 17. It is with since regret that we announce the death of John Duncan, Esq. third Member of the Medical Board at this Presidency, at General Lang’s gardens. On Saturday last, the 10th instant. The funeral took place on Sunday evening, with the honours due to his rank ; and is remains were attended to the place of internment by a numerous assemblage of his friends at the Presidency. Mr Duncan’s valuable services were for mroe than 30 years devoted to the benefit of the public, and the relief of suffering humanity[?] ; and during the whole of that period, it may be truly said, that he always evinced a firm, humane[?], and honourable disposition, the remembrance of which must render his memory universally respected.

“Calcutta, March 24. “A Treaty has been concluded by the Hon. Sir Stamford Raffles[?], on the part of the Most Noble the Governor-General, with the Sultan of Jahore and Tomangong of Sincapore, establishing a British Residency at the latter place, under Major Furqubar, with a settlement on the ruins of the ancient captial of that country, over which, we may congratulate our readers, that the British flag is now flying ; Sir S. Raffles having returned from this expedition to Penang[?] on the 4th of last month. The grant of this island, which is situated at the southern extremity of the Peninsula of Malacca[?] must become valuable to the British Government, especially when accompanied, as we understand that it is, with the privilege of establishing further settlements along the extensive coast of Jahore, which must afford considerable protection to our commerce in that quarter, particularly to ships passing through the Straits, and enable us to watch the proceedings of our Bataxian competitors.

Cape Town Gazettes to the 1st of August have come to our hands. At the present moment, when plans for colonising the territory adjoining the Cape of Good Hope, occupy so much attention, we turn to these papers with peculiar anxiety. They, however, contain little notice of public events at the Cape ; and nothing whatever is said of the incursions of the Caffres. We collect incidentally, that the scarcity which lately prevailed at the Cape has entirely ceased ; ample supplies of wheat and flour having lately been imported or brought to market.

Maritime Intelligence

Friday, a Court Martial was assembled on board the Queen Charlotte, in Portsmouth harbour, and continued by adjournment during Saturday, to inquire into the circumstances of the supposed concealment of two deserters from the band of the 18th regiment of foot on board his Majesty’s ships Phaeton[?], Captain W. H. Dillon, in the month of October last, when that ship was about to proceed to the East Indies; and to try Lieutenant John Geary, the first Lieutenant of the said ship, for his conduct upon that occasion. The Court[?] was crowded with officers, &c. from the shore each day. The prosecution was closed on Saturday afternnoon, and the Court adjourned till ten o’clock on Monday, when Lieutenant Geary made his defence. The Court having considered the whole of the evidence, were of opinion that the charge was proved, and sentenced him to be dismissed his Majesty’s ship Phaeton, and severely reprimanded.

Letters from Port Jackson, New South Wales, dated March 30th, were receivedon Sunday. The ships Surrey and Lord Sidmouth, with convicts from England, arrived on the 4th and 11th March. A schooner of 80 tons burden, intended for the Chief of the Society Islands, was to be launched on the 7th of April. The Shipley, with dispatches and troops on board, was to sail on the first, and may, therefore, be expected daily in this country.

Citation: Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, United Kingdom), 27 October 1819, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,