Provincial Parliament of Lower Canada Quebec Legislative Council–March 17.

This day his Excellency the Governor in Chief made the following[?] speech to both Houses:–

“Gentlemen of the Legislative Council and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly,

“When the Parliament met for the dispatch of public business[?], I did entertain a hope that the experience of the [?] few years would have led you to a mature and serious consideration[?] of the consequences that would inevitably follow[?], if the then state of things should not be remedied ; I[?] cannot therefore be surprised that I should now express[?] not only my disappointment, but great concern that [?] same question of constitutional principle should have [?]ia disturbed the unanimity of your legislative proceedings[?].

“Upon this occasion I think it a duty which I owe to [?] and to your country to call upon you to consider, during[?] this summer, the result of the discussions of the sessesion[?] in all its bearings.

“You will see the administration of the civil government[?] left without any pecuniary means but what I shall advance[?] upon my own personal responsibility ; you will [?] individuals suffering under severe and unmerited hardships[?], caused by the wast of that constitutional authority that[?] is necessary for the payment of the expences of the civil[?] government. You will see the interior improvements[?] of the country nearly at a stand ; you will see, in [?]ort, the executive government in a manner palsied and powerless[?].

“When I shall again summon you to meet here in Parliament[?], you will come to decide the important question, whether[?] the Government shall be restored to its constitutional[?[ energy, or whether you are to deplore the prospect [?] lasting misfortune, by a continuance in the present state [?] things. Important as that question is, there can be no difficulty[?[ in the decision. When the blessingsof the British[?] constitution were granted to this province, you re[?]ved with it the recorded experience of centuries of [?]ctise. There is no question of doubt or of difficulty [?]that may not find its precedent in the records of the Im[?]Imperial Parliament ; and I cannot thik that any wiser [?]guide need by desired.”

After which, the Honourable Speaker of the Legislative [?]council said, that it was the pleasure of his Excellency the [?]Governor in Chief that the Provincial Parliament should [?] prorogued until Thursday, the 26th of April next.

Citation: Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 03 May 1821, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,