American Papers.

New York, May 8. The sloop Hero, Capt. Palmer, arrived at Stonington, last Tuesday, in seventy-three days from New South Iceland, with a cargo of oil. ON the 28th of March, in lat. 21. S. long. 35. W. spokethe Brig Wilner, of London, from Buenos Ayres, bound to Falmouth, England ; the Captain of which informed Capt. P. that the Chilian army, near Peru, had fought two battles with the Royal army, in both of which the Chilian army was victorious ; and it was supposed would cause the surrender of Peru soon to the Chilians.

May 15. The gigantic projects that occupy the attention of our countrymen are truly surprising. A plan is now forming, for example, to establish a settlement at the mouth of the river Columbia, for the purpose of importing teas direct from the East Indies. It is then proposed to transport this article of merchandize up the Columbia, until it reaches the rocky mountains, and then to proceed by land to the navigable branch of the Missouri. This embraces a space of three hundred and forty miles in extent. Of this distance 200 miles are represented by travellers as constituting an excellent road ; the remaining one hundred and forty comprehend the mountain barrier, which must be passed by the intrepidity and labour of man. The merchandize will then, by the aid of the Missouri and its subsidiary streams, supply the whole western continent with the refreshing beverage. This shows the varied changes of commerse ; the Atlantic States have heretofore been the medium of supplying our western States with the productions of China ; but if this plan should be carried into effect, we may receive our supply from that country through the western States.

May 16. It is worthy of remark, that among the numerous arrivals at this port yesterday, were three British brigs from Dundee. This makes good the remark of a late Scotch gazette, that Dundee was becoming a place of considerable trade.

Citation: Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 16 July 1821, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,