Naval Intelligence

East India Shipping

Cowes, August 28–One of our pilor boats landed yesterday at Southampton some passengers out of the ship Triumph, from Bombay ; they reported having fallen in with Daphane, from Batavia to Cowes, with damage to her sails, and having strained much by experiencing a heavy gale off the Cape of Good Hope, which lasted 32 days. Also spoke the Lord Wellington, Bengal to Lisbon, 5th ult. lat. 17. S. lon. 3. W. and the Active of Salem, St Helena to Cowes, 28th, lat. 15. lon. 28. Left the Aurora at Bombay.

Portsmouth, August 28.–sailed the James Sibbald, Forbes, for Bombay.

Atlas, Clifton, London, to Madras and Bengal, was spoken with on the 5th June, lat. 6. N. by the Mary, arrived at Rio Janeiro. The Princess of Wales, and Marquis Wellington, London to India, was spoken with on the 6th June, lat. 37. lon. 18. by the Albion, Hunter, which arrived at Demerara 27th June from London.

The Ajax, Gillett, from the Cape of Good Hope, and David Scott, Bunyan, from Bengal, arrived at Madras on the 28th March.

The David Clark, Falconer, from the Cape of Hope, arrived at Bengal on the 26th March, and the Ceres, Pridham, from Madras, on the 28th.

The Isabella convict ship sailed from Cork on Thursday week, for New South Wales. She took between three and four hundred culprits, who had been sentenced for various crimes to transportation.

Greenland Fishery.

The Spencer, Keith, arrived at Montrose from the Greenland seats on Tuesday last, with five small fish and one hundred and fifty seals, supposed to boil fifty tuns of oil. Captain Keith and the crew describe the season as very unfavourable. They saw many whales, but the high winds and great quanities of ice rendered fishing in many instances impossible. There has not been so much ice in Greenland for the last twenty years.

The Gleaner, Shand, and Eclipse Sutter, the former with 13 fish, 70 tuns, and the latter with 6 fish, 100 tuns, and the Jean, Stafford, with three fish, 55 tuns, have arrived at Peterhead, from the Greenland whale fishery.

On Tuesday last, a whale fishing ship, supposed to belong to Hull, passed a vessel belonging to Aberden, off Redhead, and broomed 9 fish.

From Lloyd’s List –August 29

Deal, August 28 –The vessels belonging to the Corporation of the Trinity House have this morning placed a buoy, with a staff and vane, near the Goodwin South Sand Head, bearing by compass, from the south end of this town, south by east.

Smyrna, July 17–His Majesty’s ships Cambrian, Hind, and Medina, are cruising in the Arthes. An Austrian brig of war, arrived here some days ago, with two pirates, a schooner and a large tugsail boat. Another was destroyed by her.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 03 September 1823, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,