Hunt. –It is understood that Hunt will be taken, in a short time, from Hertford gaol, and put on board one of the hulks lying off Woolwich, preparatory to his being transported for his natural life, by the first convict-ship, which will sail from this country to New South Wales.

The augmentation of the army consists in the formation of two regiments, the 94th and 95th infantry, and in the intended raising of four others, but which will not be embodied for some time. If we look at the previous strength of the army of this extended Empire, the small increase in question will not only excite no alarm, but it will be considered absolutely necessary for ordinary purposes. The total number of regulars voted for the last year (exclusive of the East Indies) was only 71,000, including officers. These may be said to be distributed in the following manner :–

Great Britain, 18,000 Ireland, 24,000 West Indies, 7,000 North America and Africa, 6,500 Gibraltar, Mediterranean, &c. 8,000 Cape of Good Hope, } Ceylon, } Mauritius, } New South Wales, }7,500 71,000

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 31 January 1824, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,