Scottish Intelligence.

Repeated instances have lately occurred, in whcih dwellinghouses have suffered damage by fire, owing to the carelessnes of servants and others, who, by way of economy, take off fires at night and put the burning coals under the grate, not recollecting that, in the construction of almost every house, the stone placed under the grate is supported by timber, separated from the hearth stone by some lime only. The wood underneath being once ignited, the fire will rapidly spread, and may in a few hours involve the whole tenement in flames.

Emigration to Australia. –We understand that the establishment of an Australian Company has suggested to a number of public spirited individuals the idea of forming a society to aid deserving persons in their endeavours to emigrate and settle in New South Wales and Van Dieman’s Land, and that matters are actually in progress for carrying this benevolent project into effect. On Wednesday a meeting was held in the Freemasons’ Hall, Niddry Street, which was respectably attended, the Rev. Mr Lothian in the Chair, when a series of resolutions were moved by William Ellis, Esq. S. S. C., and seocnd by Robert Paul, Esq. of the Commercial Bank. The principal object comprehended in those were the security of the persons and property of emigrants on the voyage–the maintenance of a regular communication with friends left behind, and the insuring a friendly welcome, temporary accommodation, and facilities for permanent settlement in the country of their adoption. It was also proposed to give assistance in money to deserving emigrants, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of freight and passage out–every applicant being first well recommended, and his character subjected to strict scrutiny. Masons, wrights, smiths, and other artisans, schoolmasters, farm servants, and labourers, are the classes to which the principles of the society specially apply.

According to the opinion of persons largely engaged in the silktrade, the amount of drawback to be allowed on silk that has paid the duty will be between t300,000 and t400,000.

On Sunday evening a disturbance took place in a house in Tobago Street, and the Police were called, who, to make sure of the rioter, secured the door ; at which a young woman, a servant, became so much alarmed, that she leaped out of a window, situated on the third floor, whereby her back was broken. She now lies very ill in the Royal Infirmary.

The Army –The several Recruiting Parties throughout Great Britain and Ireland having received their instructions, are now actively employed in raising men for the three new Regiments of the Line, whose establishments, it is expected, will be in a very short time completed. The Head-quarters of the 97th Regiment are changedfrom Gosport to Winchester.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 03 April 1824, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,