Bervic. –There has been raised this season on the high lands of the farm of Hallgreen, belonging to Mr Blair, a few acres of Rib-grass, a native plant of New South Wales. It was imported to this country two years ago by a man who had served his time in Van Dieman’s Land. Its[?] favourite soil seems to be high land or muir country, and is so rapid in growth, that it appears not only to choke but to extirpate[?] every weed with which it comes in contact. It is said to be the best plant in the world both for feeding cattle, and for producing mik from cows, of the best and richest quality. Were the propiertors and tenants of the Highland country to follow the enterprising conduct of Mr Blair, we would soon see their hills covering with a truly useful plant, instead of the useless heath, with at present, even at best, only adorns them.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 09 August 1828, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,