THE EQUALITY OF SEXES.–The Examiner of Saturday las has some witty remarks on the plaint which appeared in our paper on the excess of females over males in the census, which he assures us is entirely owing to the lives of females being prolonged by their better regularity. This is a sly censure upon the habit of our countrymen, one-fifth, or sixth part of whom we were supposed by implication to be cut off permanently by intemperance! We admit that a few hearty fellows do go off in apoplexy; but we deny that the number bears any proportion to the amount supposed; we have two other remarks to make on his statement. First, since our manners were corrupted by imitating English fashions, it is whispered, we hope un, that there are such things as tippling women in country, some of whom do disappear suddenly–no matter how; and secondly, we wish our London friend inform us how it happens, that while all Broad England has only an excess of 11 1/2 per cent females, Edinburgh should have no less than 24! We understand that since this astounding fact was brought out, there has been a great efflux of ladies from the city to the adjoining counties. We know a number who have or are flying to Fife and the north. A friend, who careful observer, compares it to the dispersion of the Jews. The ladies, he says, attribute their flight to Cholera Maribus!

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 27 July 1831, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,