Emigration. –It will be observed, from an advertisement in to-day’s paper, that Government are fitting another ship for the free conveyance of single females from London to Van Dieman’s Land ; and from the great demand for agricultural labourers, and mechanics of every description, in that colony, it has been resolved to grant a passage to that class, at a cost not above what is paid to America–Government paying the remainder of the sum as a bounty, amounting to t30, which may certainly be looked upon as a great boon, both by individuals and the colony at large. In all the colonies there appears to be a scarcity of working people, as from an official document in our possession, it is asserted, on authority, that in Upper Canada agricultural labourers, domestic servants, and tradesmen of every description, will be for some years in great request. Farm labourers readily obtain from t25 to t30 per annum, with board, lodging, and washing, and day-labourers from 3s. to 4s. per day, with provisions. The government agent for emigration for the Canadas asserts he could find immediate employment for 20,000 working people, as public improvements are much retarded for want of hands. As this is the best season, we would advise all those intending to emigrate to apply to the government agent for emigration at the Custom House, Leith, who will give gratuitous information regarding the colonies, and advise as to the best method of putting their plans into execution. The rate of wages for every description of mechanics may be likewise seen there.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 12 March 1836, available at the Scissors and Paste Database, http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/253.