State of Trade.

The Wool Trade, London, Thursday Evening. –The following are more accurate averages of the sales of Colonial Wools which have recently taken place than we were enabled to obtain during their progress.

The Colonial Wools offered consisted of 2041 bays. The Wools have become much improved in growth, in length of staple, in management, and in washing. The market being very bare in combining wool, this description realized a proportionate advance. Several flocks attracted great attention, particularly those market T A in a square, I X and Y, which show that great pains have been paid by the growers upon them. The correct averages obtained are as follows :–

Van Diemen’s Land.

s. d. s. d. Choice flocks T A in a square 2 9 to 3 1 per lb. Do. I X 2 0 1/2 2 9 Do. Y 1 8 2 9 Good flocks 2 2 3/4 2 9 1/2 Ordinary and fair quality 1 4 1/2 2 2 1/2 Inferior and in the great 1 2 1 4


Good flocks 2 6 2 9 Fair 2 3 1/2 2 5 Inferior 1 11 2 2 and in the grease 1 3

The frist class of Van Diemen’s Land Wool realised a considerable rise upon last year’s sales, the produce of the same flocks then selling only at 2s 2d to 2s 5d per lb.

The Wool Trade is very brisk. The arrivals this week have been 2300 bales, of which about 340 are German, 1000 Spanish, 300 New South Wales, 20 Cape of Good Hope, 50 Turkey, and 500 bales of South American Woo’s.

Huddersfield, Tuesday.–There has been no visible change in the state of this market for the last three or four weeks. Business in general is pretty good.

Bradford, June 30.–The activity we have so often had to report in the piece market continues unabated, and in six quarters, especially low and middle sorts, trade to-day is particularly brisk. Whatever alteration there may be in the yarn market, as compared with recent reports, is for the better. Stocks continue low in the staplers’ hands, with very little disposition to increase them. Prices remain very steady, although the demand for wool is extremely limited. Farmers are rather firmer. The Liverpool sales of New South Wales Wool went off 1d to 2d per lb. above the recent London sales.

Rochdale, June 27.–The market this week was very well attended, but not so brisk as the last.–Low goods were much in demand, and sold well. The trade in Rochdale is generally good at present, and building is going on to a very considerale extent.

York Wool Market, June 30.–The quantity of wool brought to this day’s market, was not so large as that supplied last week, nor was the attendance of buyers so numerous, yet a considerable portion of business was done, and last week’s quotations were fully supported :–good, bred hog 18 1/2d ; half hog and ewe, 16 1/2d to 17d ; all ewe, 15d to 15 1/2d ; locks without cots 10 1/2 to 11 1/2d ; ditto with cots 11d to 12 1/2d per lb.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 06 July 1836, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,