A Man Shot. –On Tuesday evening a deliverate attempt at murder by shooting took palce at Greenock. A young man from Edinburgh, an intended emigrant for New South Wales, by the Palmyra, drew from his pocked a pistol, and shot in the head a person who had been appointed by his friends to see him on board, and to look to his affairs before the sailing of the vessel. The wounded man was taken to the Infirmary in a very dangerous state, and the assailant to the jail. It appears that the young man has for some time past been behaving in a manner which made his friends chary of intrusting him with money in this country, and that they had employed the individual referred to, to see him on board for Australia, before leaving any under his charge. This indignity is supposed to have lain heavy on his mind, and led to the commission of the act above recorded.– Ibid.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 06 July 1839, available at the Scissors and Paste Database, http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/284.