Thursday afternoon the splendid ship Indus, which has been some time in the docks, sailed with a full cargo and about sixty settlers, for Port Adelaide and Philip, South Australia. The Indus has been fitted up in that style of elegance and comfort, for which the agents, Messrs Broadfoot and Son, are so celebrated. The passengers consist of a number of respectable individuals of various professions, the greater bulk of whom are agricultural labourers, sent out by Messrs Adamson and Co., agents for her Majesty’s Commissioners in South Australia.

On Wednesday forenoon a man fell from the deck of the Royal William steam-ship, and had his thighbone broken, and was otherwise seriously bruised. He was carried to the Dispensary Rooms, but upon examining the nature of his injuries, the medical attendants recommended his removal to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 28 September 1839, available at the Scissors and Paste Database, http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/287.