Afflicting Case of Destitution. –Some time ago a vessel was advertised to sail from this port for Australia, and to take out Government settlers free of expense. A family in Shetland, consisting of the husband, wife, and six of a young family, sold off their effects and came to Leith for the purpose of availing themselves of this opportunity to settle in the above colony. On applying to the agent, however, they were informed that they did not come under the description of persons wanted. Since, therefore, they have lived in Leith till their little all has been exhausted, and the husband, from the combined effects of disappointment and want, has been thrown upon a sick-bed, and the whole family are literally in a state of starvation. Several private individuals, with a benevolence that does them the highest credit, have temporarily supplied their wants ; but the hands of private charity is soon crippled, and unless something else be immediately done, we may have soon to report one or more of their deaths from the actual want of the necessaries of life. The object of the present notice therefore is to draw forth the sympathies of the charitable, to relive a family thus suddenly involved in want and misery, who, from their industrious habits and every way excellent characters, left their native home with the good wishes of all their friends. Any donations, either in money or clothes, will be thankfully received by Mr Andrew Spence, of the firm of Messrs Cunninham & Spence, No. 62, Tolbooth-wynd, Leith.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 24 November 1839, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,