New Zealand–Name of the Capital City. ?It will gratify the admirers of the Duke of Wellington to learn, that the Directors of the New Zealand Company have resolved that the name of the city founded by Colonel Wakefield, Lambton Harbour, Port Nicholson, and which is destined to become the capital of New Zealand, shall be named “The City of Wellington,” in honour of the illustrious Duke. The Duke is a great advocate for colonization, and to him the promoters of colonization of South Australia were in a great measure indebted for securing the enactment of the statute which gave effect to the principles on which that colony is founded ; and, as many of the promoters of South Australian emigration are Directors of the New Zealand Company, they have resolved, setting all party politics aside, to confer this honour on the Duke. There could be no stronger proof of the political sagacity and statesmanlike views of the Duke, than his approval of the Wakefield system of colonization, and no better mode of perpetuating his name than by bestowing it on the metropolis of the “Great Britain of the Southern Hemisphere.”

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 13 May 1840, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,