New Zealand Company

A very lively and interesting scene occurred on Friday, off the West India Dock entrance, at Blackwall, by the preparation for departure of three fine vessels with “improvers” for “Nelson,” the second colony of New Zealand. The Directors of the Company and several hundred persons of rank and wealth met there to bid farewell to the enterprising emigrants, who appeared highly delighted with the honour extended to them, and in high spirits with the anticipations of the successful result of their mission. After viewing the arrangeents made for the comfort of all on board, the Directors returned to the West India Dock Tavern, where a sumptuous breakfast was provided in the large room. The Duke of Sussex took the chair, and was supported on the right by the Earl of Devon, and on the left by Jos. Somes, Esq., the Governor of the Company. Among the guests were the Duchess of Inverness, the Duke and Duchess of Somerset, Lords Cottenham, Sandon, Marcus Hill, Clements, Viscount Ebrington, M.P., the Hon. Frederick Dundas, Hon. Captain Drummon, Messrs P. Maxwell Stewart, M.P., Gowen, G. F. Young, W. C. Young, and the Misses Young; the Hon. Mrs Douglas, the Hon. Miss Petre, Rev, Dr Hinds, J. E. Boulcott, Captain Hine, Sir Robert and Lady Harland, Sir John Doxatt, M. D.; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Pennington; Lieutenant Lean, her Majesty’s Emigration Agent; MEssrs Jordan, E. G. Wakefield, Dudley Costello, Mr and Mrs S. C. Brees, Captain Sinclair, R.N.,&c. &c. The rapid progress which the grand undertaking of colonizing New Zealand has made, was more than once alluded to by his Royal Highness and other distinguished speakers on both sides of politics, and its many advantages were dwelt upon with much sincerity of feeling. Several gentlemen of the first families go out with this expedition, which will be closely followed by several first-rate ships.

Citation: Scotsman (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), 22 September 1841, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,