Kentucky, May, 19.1790.

We arrived safe at this place??? beginning of April from Pittsburgh, and adreadful passage we had of it. The waters of??? river Ohio, which had risen rapidly since March, now poured down in a perfect torrent;??? we were in as much danger of foundering at??? rapids, as we would have been in the middlethe Atlantic in a severe gale. We were frequently too, in the most imminent danger of our life from the limbs of trees hanging just above the???; and through which we were often hurried??? rate of seven miles an hour, but the impetuo??? of the stream. If any of the canoes had been tangled among these branches (which in manyplaces hang very thick over the river), they??? inevitably have been overturned, and?????? buried in the ??? of the Ohio; fortunately??? accident happened to us.

Our apprehensions of drowning were equalled by those of an attack from theIndians, who infest the river, and who inhabit??? banks: Some time ago they killed a Mr. W??? Browne, and a Mr. Allison, who were returning to Lexington from Miami. The barbarities they commit are wanton and inhuman to the l??? degree. On the 3d ult. they attacked a boat??? few miles from Limestone, and killed three???sons, two men and a woman; a few days after this they killed two men on Licking river, and took a boy prisoner, and on their return at???ed a boat below the Scioto, as it came to sh??? and killed four men, and took one man and two women prisoners. About three weeks ago they???ed on a boat and a canoe, above the Scioto,??? both sides of the river at the same time, bywhich means they killed two men; and in sho??? to such a degree have they carried these inh??? practices, that it is dangerous to stir fromhome, but in large parties, and properly prepar??? to receive them.

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 01 November 1790, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,