The unsettled state of a great part of the Westtern Frontiers of America (if we can suppose that there are any determined frontiers when the settlers are making large and continual encroachments) must very much depreciate the sale of lands in those parts, notwithstanding the very small rates of purchase demanded for vast extents of ground, and the soil being remarkable fertile and productive. The ineffectual attempts of last summer to prevent the future depredations of the Miamis, and some other tribes of Indians, and the barbarities before and since committed on the setlers, must occasion other people to be very cautious of removing to places where they would hold their lives and property on a very precarious teure, unless the arms of the State prove remarkably successful in their future attacks.

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 27 June 1791, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,