Extract of a letter from Norfolk (Virginia), Oct. 26.

“We learn from the West Country, that the Kentucky Convention has determined in favour of a separation, and large preparations are making in the country for offensive operations against the Indians, who have committed so many murders, and harassed the country so much, that it can no longer be endured. Such devastation may shortly be expected to take place,that the name of a Shawenese nation will be no more.

“that on this side the Cumberland mountains, please prospects are in view; a general peace is likely to take place with the Southern Tribes; a regular and efficient system of government is about being established under the auspices of Congress: one of the mildest seasons in a temperate and salubrious climate, with the most exuberantharvest, gives joy to the husband, and animates the diligence and industry of all.”

Extract of a letter from a Gentleman on the Ohio.” “Since my last, the Gentlemen I mentioned to you are forming themselves into a Company, for the purpose of building three vessels of force, amounting from twenty to forty 24 pounders, completely manned and quipped. They purpose loading with tobacco, flour, &c. and proceed tos ea by the gulph of Mexico, with a full determination to punish severely every insult which, in violation of treaties, may be offered to the American flag, sailing down the Mississippi.

“It is generally supposed they will embark between twelve and fifteen hundred men, in orto??? America’s??? to the navigation of the Mississippi.”

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 21 January 1791, available at the Scissors and Paste Database, http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/324.