Extract of a letter from Boston, New England, Dec. 11.

“The demands for the produce of America are most rapidly increasing: one single house has actuallyexported and sold, within a very short time, 2000 barrels of pot and pear ashes, 2000 barrels of beef, 500 ditto of pork, 70,000lb. weight of butter, and 1500 bushels of bean and peas.

“Our news from New York is very disagreeable indeed. Gen. Scott, Major Fountain, Major Willis, Capt. M’Murtry, and Lieut. Fortingham, have all fallen sacrifices to the Indians, after a terrible conflict on the banks of a river; there were such numbers of the Indians killed,and thrown into the river, that their dead bodies actually stopped the current of it.

“The frost is very intense at New York”

During the late gales of wind, the smugglers have been uncommonly active on all the coasts of the kingdom. The risk of their lives secured their property–for the Custon-house boats were afraid to follow them.

From many parts of the country we have received accounts of the land being entirely flooded by the late heavy rains.

A prisoner who was tried last week try town sessions, for stealing iron, being acquitted by the Jury, addressed them in the following words: “Gentlemen, I most sincerely thank you for your lenity, and promise never to be guilty of the like offence again.”

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 31 January 1791, available at the Scissors and Paste Database, http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/329.