The brig Virginia Planter, James Merrifield, Master, arrived at Liverpool, brings information that on the 5th of May, General Wayne, with two thousand provincials, had attacked totally destroyed most of the Indian towns at the back of Georgia, for near two hundred miles around the river. That M’Gilvray, and his army of savages, after an unsuccessful and bloody engagement, had fled to the woods, where the General left them, and returned to Savannah.– This expedition was undertaken about the beginning of March, winch has been crowned with the expected catastrophe, and though the Cherokee, Miami, and Chiquesaw tribes, may mediate revenge at some future period; it is not likely they will be in a condition to disturb the settlers for some years to come.

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 21 June 1790, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,