By private letters and newspapers lately arrived from Philadelphia and New York we have informmation, that the Indians are carrying on their depredations on the back settlements of the United States with great vigour; that an enquiry as to the miscarriage of the war had been made by Congress, and an army was collected this year; that the Americans had some expectations of getting free of the Indian war by treaties.

We have advices of Governor Clinton’s being re-elected Governor of New York state by a majority of 180, but the friends of Mr. Tay were objecting to the return, as the canvassers had not opened the boxes which contained the returns from three counties, Otsego, Clinton, and Tioga, which if opened they say would have given the election to Mr. Tay, the county of Otsego alone being 300 majority in favours of Mr. Tay.

A dreadful storm happened at New York on the 1st of July, which continued with so much violence, that several vessels were driven from their moorings, and a number of boats upset and many lives lost.

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 17 August 1792, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,