Extract of a letter from New York,???

A complete overthrow has lately been given to a numerous body of Indians, commanded by one of their greatest Warriors, who was left dead on the field, amongst many hundreds of his followers.

The attack was commenced on the morning of the 28th of June, by a company of Regulars under the command of Lieutenant Morton of New York, aided by a number of the neighbouring inhabitants; and after a contest of three hours, put them totally to the rout. The carnage was general amongst the Indians, and no quarter given, as it might operate as a terror in future to those savage Freebooters, whose depredations on the property of every description of individuals and oftentimes??? with personal cruelty to those in their power, has exasperated the Communities to the highest pitch of vengeance and retaliation when an opportunity offered.

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 20 August 1792, available at the Scissors and Paste Database, http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/352.