Regulating the time and manner of administering oaths to the United States.

Import on goods and merchandizes imported into the American States, from July 1789 to July 1798.

(Rhode Island Assembly have agreed to apply the same duties, but to be under their own management.)

Salaries of the President, Vice-president, Members of the Senate, and House of Representatives.

The Committee of the House of Representatives have proposed for the Resident 20,000 dollars annually, exclusive of the salaries of his Secretaries and aids, his household furniture, carriages, horses, which is to be furnished by the United States, with an annual sum for their support and repair: The Vice-president 5,000 dollars. The Members of both Houses six dollars per diem while sitting, and six dollars for every 20 miles going to and returning from the seat of government.

Amending the new Constitution

The legislature of Virginia and New York request the calling a Convention for revising and amending the Constitution.

The making certain ports *ports of entry*, others ports of discharge, and others ports of both entry and discharge.

The granting encouragement to building of vessels in the United States.

Oeconomy of the United States.

The President is determined to pursue this system of œonomy and regularity in his household which has always marked his public and private life. As a proof of this the steward is obliged, by his articles of agreement, to exhibit weekly unfair statement of the receipts and expenditure of monies by him for and on account of the President’s household to such person as the President may appoint to inspect the same, together with the several bills and receipts for those articles purchased where receipts can be had. And it is likewise strongly inculcated upon the Steward to guard against any waste or extravagance that might be committed by the servants of the family.

The Steward has put the following advertisement in the pbulic papers. “Whereas all servants, and others, employed to procure provisions or necessaries for the household of the President of the United States will be furnished with monies for these] purposes. Notice is therefore given, ??? accounts, for which the public might be ??? as responsible, are to be opened with ???m.”

Piety of President Washington

??? intimation, that a Great Personage ???pect visits on Sundays–has received ???e of all orders of citizens;–of the se??? their respect to a divine injunction; of ???nctioning a wife and political insti???

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