When the Cherokee Chiefs first visited Coventgarden Theatre, one of them appeared much delighted with the splendid appearance of an Indian cap worn by one of the pantomime actors; this being observed, the performer was directed the performance; the Chief, amazed at the offer of the magnificent present, said, through his interpreter, ” that even in his won country he should be unable to repay it ; however, at present he would do the utmost in his power ;” on this he ordered the actor to approach him, and then lighting his Cherokee pipe stuffed with a variety of nauseous combustibles, he too three whiffs himself, and presenting the tube, desired the actor to take three whiffs also–the greatest favour a Cherokee could confer ; the actor, aastonished at the singularity of this unexpected honour, reluctantly complied with the request,to the great entertainment of the Dramatic circle.

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 26 November 1790, available at the Scissors and Paste Database, http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/80.