Knoxville, May 11.

I T is shocking to describe the bloody scenes that have lately taken place in this district. The Indians have killed and scalped a great number of persons, among whom is Colonel Isaac Bledose, who was massacred within 150 yards of his own house.

On the 27th instant a body of Indians attacked Greenfield station: they killed John Jervis, and a negro fellow, belonging to Mrs. Tarker. By the bravery of three young men, viz. William Neely, William Wilson, and William Hall, the station was preserved; they killed two Indians, wounded several others, and put them to flight. It is to be remembered, that Neely and Hall had each lost a father and two brothers, and Wilson a brother, by the savages. Men are now in pursuit of the Indians.

June 15.

About the 5th instant, a company of seven men were attacked on the trace from Cumberland to Kentucky, near Big Barren, by a party of Indians; three of the company were killed, and two wounded.

AUGUSTA, June 15. Advices from our western frontiers mention, that Major General Twiggs crossed the Oconnee with about 900 men, on Saturday last, on their way to the Cakmulgee, where the infantry were to halt and build a fort. The cavalry, amounting to 450, commanded by Brigadier Generals Irwin, Clark, and Blackburn, were immediately to proceed to the lower Creek towns, and procure satisfaction for the numerous unprovoked murders and devastations lately committed by that faithless tribe of savages.

Brigadier General Glascock, we are informed, has received orders from the Commander in Chief to march to the frontiers in a few days, with one- third of his brigade, and part of the Augusta artillery.

Citation: Glasgow Advertiser (Glasgow, United Kingdom), 07 October 1793, available at the Scissors and Paste Database,